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 Forum Rules

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PostSubject: Forum Rules   Fri Dec 09, 2011 6:00 pm

As we are on public forum, like in any other place there are set rules to follow. I suppose we all came for same reason - having fun with friends in epic game - we all will work to make the atmosphere here great and this site well organized. All users of this forum should go along with these rules:

1) It isn't allowed to be registered like more users! ( = One user with more accounts, those will be deleted)

2) Every member should write his posts in the right section of the forum.

3) When you want to post a new thread, make sure that you are not posting a double-one, it is possible that someone before already
posted a thread similar to yours.

4) Tolerate other users and tolerate their opinions. Don't insult.

5) Don't send posts which contain only emoticons. Try to make up at least one sentence which makes sense.

6) When you post a new thread, name it CLEARLY, so other users can know what is it about. Threads called 'Help me!' etc. will not really say anything to others.

7) Use the button EDIT in the right upper corner of your posts! It isn't allowed to post short messages in short period, you can edit it. It doesnt take much time.

8 ) If you answer in a topic, try not to be OT (= Off Topic).

9) Dont spam on forum useless posts which don't have completely nothing useful to say.

Not following of these rules means warning but can also lead to Ban of the user.
Administrators and Moderators have rights to Edit/Delete and Keep the Forum in order according to rules written above.


Important information :
Any forum containing the following elements and/or behaviours will be deleted without further notice :

• Sexual and/or pornographic content
• Hateful or abusive content
• Defamatory content and / or affecting the integrity of a person
• Sale or exchange of medication that requires a prescription from a licensed practitioner, or medicines without prescription / drugs and any other illicit substance
• Copyright infringment / hacking
• Spam / phishing and/ or malware website
• Credit card fraud

*Forum hosting rules

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Forum Rules
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